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Why Choose Lakewood?

Lakewood Activities 3When you choose Lakewood as your health care provider, a new quality of personal care opens up to you. It is filled with compassion and trust. It is delivered with honesty and integrity. Our care is skilled, specialized in its design and customized for each individual. Your family and friends can partner with Lakewood’s staff and become part of your care team.

Lakewood’s care allows you to participate in making personal choices that will enhance your life. Examples include choosing your Doctor that will direct your care, care plans, menu, social interaction, activities, and lifestyle. Staff and residents will work together as a team and address an individual’s desire to live a particular lifestyle.

Since 1999, the #1 lifestyle of choice has been to live graciously. However, physical or mental changes in our health can happen that alter lifestyles and care plans. Lakewood’s staff will facilitate smooth transitional changes as they occur. We can provide continuous care in most cases.

Our medical staff is competent, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. Our support staff pays close attention to every detail. We are extremely devoted to our residents, their families and friends, and only offer exceptional service.

Experience Premium Living

  1. lakewood-premium-senior-care-kalamazooA Registered Nurse lives with her patients, referred to as residents.
  2. You can choose your Doctor to direct your care.
  3. Exceptional support services are available.
  4. You can be involved in designing your lifestyle.
  5. Food is nutritious, flavorful, and freshly prepared.
  6. We offer lifestyle choices and social activities that encourage residents to enjoy a “full” life.
  7. Residents can choose as much social interaction or privacy that they desire. You do not have to live nor be included as part of any group. It is your choice.
  8. All residents enjoy private bedrooms with full private bathrooms.
  9. Lakewood back deckLakewood’s entire home is for the resident to enjoy with their families and friends (excluding bedroom areas).
  10. Residents live in a private, spacious 10,000 square feet home that was designed for providing care in a residential setting. Two separate 1,800 square foot rooms offer flexible space and are designed for leisurely living, social activities, dining, parties, and gaming. There is a 4-seasons sun room, a fireplace, private sitting rooms, and dining areas. Outside there is a lovely large raised deck for entertaining and seasonal meals, a patio, lawn, woods, garden areas, and lots of wildlife.

Celebrating Life

Lakewood’s approach to daily living models the importance in celebrating life by seamlessly integrating health care with family involvement, social interaction, wellness intervention, and entertainment. 

Socially speaking, Lakewood offers many different ways to celebrate life. Parties with family and friends, live entertainment, large screen movies, musical performances, sing-a-longs, Wii bowling, board and card games, social activities in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, fitness class, bible study, billiards, ping pong and shuffleboard, are some of the many activities we offer in how we celebrate life at Lakewood.

Every day our focus in our work addresses each resident’s current health status, happiness and future. Our goal is to bring meaning and purpose to their lives and comfort through providing comprehensive care.