We hope our words and pictures have encouraged you to learn more about our home. Here’s a sampling of what our residents and their families and friends have been saying about the Lakewood experience:

“I am delighted that my mother of 101+ years has become a part of your family in a home for seniors that I doubt has its equal. The love and care are abundantly evident. And the effort all of you make to ensure an extraordinary experience for the residents, their families and friends is amazing. My family and I are so thankful for what you provide and how you provide it. Mom is happy and so are we.”

“Our mother was in residence for three wonderful years… she was treated like a queen.”

“Dear Steve, Becky, Jennifer, and Stephanie… you are a loving and caring family that not only makes Mom’s life a full and happy one, but also enriches my wife and me and all of Mom’s family. When we were just getting to know your family, you said that Mom’s being at Lakewood would be special because of the love your family will have for her. At the time, I did not know how I should understand your words. I have since learned of the very special love and caring you and your family shows Mom, her family, and all of the residents and their friends and families. Your family has a wonderful gift of caring and sharing. My wife and I and all of our family are blessed to have you all in our lives.’’

“Just a short note of thanks and blessings to you all for the loving, thoughtful, generous, kind, passionate care you give. You made it very comforting to be away from my mom.”

“Mom arrived back home. She needed safety, love, and medical attention. Through prayer and direction, an old friend recommended Lakewood. When we arrived, we were met with open arms and understanding hearts. My mother’s journey took six months for her to get well and become, again, the dynamic little mother I had grown to love. The love did not fail Lakewood. Over the last five years, we have seen other women needing love and lots of medical attention come to Lakewood to get better. In time, through extensive care provided by the medical staff, I have witnessed each woman get better… living now to their full potential… happy, healthy, inspirational to others. Lakewood is like a gentle shepherd’s refuge and home for the loved ones we cannot properly care for. Thank you, Bakken family for your loving, angelic care.”

“It was great to finally meet you both this weekend while I was visiting my “gram.” Our family has all been talking about what a blessing it is for her to be there with you both. After seeing her, your home, and meeting you both, I can only thank God for placing her there. It is ideal. It is obvious that you both have a passion for each of your ladies. For “Gram”, who dedicated her whole life to giving and loving, it is special that she now receives just that from the two of you. Thank you for all that you do for her and the other ladies, for opening your home, your lives, for pouring into them and for praying for them. You are truly a blessing.”

Your caring and supportive ways with Barb fill us with gratitude and we thank God for your presence in our lives. We include Jennifer and Stephanie and their efforts as well. You must be proud of your daughters who give of themselves to help to create such a warm and supportive home for others.”

“My wife and I are deeply grateful for your caring and warmth to us, Mom, and our family. You are remarkable people and you provide a remarkable and loving place for Mom to live. We enjoyed the double celebration on Mom’s birthday enormously. The food was terrific, but the best part was the togetherness you made possible. Sometimes we luckily stumble upon (or maybe we are guided from above) to situations that are just perfect for us. We can imagine no better place for Mom to be than to be with you. She is loved and cared for by all of you so very much. My family feels blessed to know you and to share special occasions with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so very much.”

“I went home and wanted to come back.”

“What a pleasure… all of you welcomed us into your home with such warmth and kindness. You certainly are a lovely family. Mom is looking absolutely terrific. Your loving care and beautiful home has been the best medicine for whatever ails her. Thank you for your fine work.”

“Steve and Becky… we cannot begin to thank you enough for all you did for us during this time of tribulation in our family after Mom’s passing. Steve, thank you for being a pallbearer. Thank you for your presence at both services. After Mom left your home, we appreciate your many visits to the nursing home and having my mother visit your lovely home often. We love you both! So did my mom!”

“Thank you for the care and love you give my mother. The transformation in her physically and psychologically since last August has been amazing. Yes, she is getting older and that has its own set of issues. The care you have given her has brought her back so that we all could enjoy her company another time. Bless all of you.”

“Becky, Steve, Jennifer, and Stephanie… you all have God’s gift of hospitality and you wear it well. Your dedication and hard work is done with grace and appears easy and carefree. My husband and I always feel comfortable and we have a real sense of family when we are there. We are so deeply grateful to you and for you: Mom is clearly lovingly cared for. Many, many sincere thanks.”

“Dear Becky, Steve, Jennifer, and Stephanie, our whole family would like to express our appreciation of the superlative care given to our father. During his two year tenure, we always felt that his care was personal, loving, and patient. Your setting provided a beautiful view of nature, making his room a sunny, cheerful space of his own. It was such a comfort to be able to entrust our father to such kind and competent hands.”

“Dearest Becky and Steve, we all really appreciated everything you so kindly did for our mother… the time she spent with you was a major relief… thank you again for being such wonderful and kind, giving people. You make life happier for so many…”

“Dear Bakken family… it is always a pleasure to visit with you. Thank you for the lunches and dinners so artfully prepared by Stephanie and Jennifer. Thank you for including me in the activities at Lakewood. It was great to be with my mom. She is alert, involved, contented and strong. Three years ago, at the age of 99, she could not have managed our luncheon at Gull Lake. Now, at a younger 102, she just sprang into action. Thank you for all your love and care.”

“I’m so glad we could quickly arrange that trip to visit Mom. I had a great time. I laughed so much and experienced such joy. Mom is looking good and healthy. It’s all of the love and attention, not to mention your expertise in healthcare. Just keep being wonderful. The kids love you!”

You put on such a great party. My wife and I had the best time. As always, thank you for taking such good care of Mom.”

“My wife and I want to thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon at our friend’s birthday party. The lunch was delicious, the games were fun, and good music too… what more could one want! He is so very fortunate to live in such a lovely home with such loving caregivers.”

My husband and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful care and beautiful environment that my mother was in when the angels came for her. We knew how happy she was with you. Steve, thank you for honoring us by acting as a pallbearer. You’d make your mom proud. Best to all of you forever.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are an amazing family who we are so blessed to know and are so thankful of your caring for my grandmother. Thank you for your love, support, patience, and kindness, not only for my grandmother but to our whole family. Thank you for sharing your home and special gifts with my grandmother and our family. We are all better people for knowing you.”